The Brains

Walter is all about the “rules” but even he recognizes the need for help as how people and organizations work continues to evolve. To best help you develop rules of engagement, Walter uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Microsoft, automated moderations, and our patent-pending, Waste, Opportunities, and Risk Engine (WORE). As an additional benefit to users, all improvements of these are always free and apply to all subscriptions.

Simply put, Walter is a revolutionary tool for organizations seeking to adopt true Agility because it removes much of the judgement and biases from people responsible to optimize efficiencies.

Artificial Intelligence

Comprehension and Security

Employing Microsoft’s Cognitive Services allows Walter to more accurately and consistently identify concerns in your governance to include risks, potential or known gaps, and reading comprehension.

Language DetectionAuto-identifies use of a language other than your corporate standardHaving a unified and common language is a key element for organizations to efficiently synchronize and coordinate.

Walter includes real-time insights for language usage so our teams can quickly update any text to your corporate language standard.
Writing SentimentAuto-identifies writing sentiment as positive, neutral, or negativeEmpirical evidence suggest that humans have a greater chance of comprehension with writings in a positive or neutral tone. There is also increasing evidence that AI services do better with non-negative tones.

Walter includes real-time insights for the tone in the descriptions of your governance frameworks (teams, roles, metrics, events, artifacts and concepts) to increase readability and comprehension for your entire organization.
Key PhrasesAuto-identifies entities with the framework to establish list of key phrasesExtracting key phrases in unstructured text is the great way to auto-detect main points (topics) without biases.

Walter includes real-time insights that provides an opportunity for users to understand what the framework creators appear to care about most (topics). Generally, topics mentioned the most are what need the greatest socialization and clarity across the organization in order to increase operational effectiveness.

On-Demand Learning

In subject areas where you need more understanding, Walter uses AI to provide the most relevant readings, images, or videos for on-demand learning.

* Currently, only English and French language are supported but Walter is trainable to be multilingual.  Please contact us if your organization wants to use additional languages.

Automated Moderation

With automated moderation your team will quickly and easily identify text that needs to be modified in order to maintain professional as well as individual and organizational security. Below are the current scenarios we auto-identity within each governance framework.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)Auto-identifies information that appears to be a phone number or personal email address.

For those in the United States, Walter also auto-identifies social security numbers, passport numbers, and driver license numbers.
Increase security of personal information and provide opportunity to be role-specific vice person-specific.
Use of Inappropriate LanguageAuto-identifies words and terms that may be deemed offensive as well as capturing who created that text and when.Increase professionalism and comprehension for those whose first language differs from the organizations.
Use of SlangAuto-identifies words and terms that may be deemed as slang.
Increase professionalism and comprehension for those whose first language differs from the organizations.
Use of Financial DataAuto-identifies credit card numbers.Increases security of individuals.
Use of Networking dataAuto-identifies IP Addresses.Increase security posture of the organization.

Waste, Opportunity, and Risk Engine

Our web-based WORE service analyzes data from the AI findings to provide additional real-time analysis based on Agile Principles & Values, Lean, eXtreme Programming, and DevSecOps concepts to provide you impactful suggestions and guidance for improvement.

Possible FindingsDetailsIntent
Lack of Governance DetailsAuto-identifies all gaps in your governance framework. Helps ensure completeness so the entire governance framework can be analyzed.
Duplication of AccountabilitiesAuto-identifies activities where more than a single role is accountable.Having more than a single role accountable for an activity will eventually lead to misunderstanding of who is doing what, why, when, and how.
Non-alignment to Team FrameworksAuto-identifies potential misalignment to “standardized” team frameworks.Establishes an opportunity to accept the variance or adjust governance.
Non-alignment to Multi-Team FrameworksAuto-identifies potential misalignment to “standardized” multi-team frameworks.Establishes an opportunity to accept the variance or adjust governance.
* All WORE findings result in the auto-creation of tasks and risks, so you can easily understand Walter’s suggestions and manage them to completion. For findings, you want assistance with, Walter again leverages AI to provide the most relevant learning opportunity in the form of text, imagery, or videos.