It’s All About the Rules

Let’s learn about Walter. Put simply, Walter is all about the rules—rules of governance within an organization, that is.  Walter is unique in its ability to deliver upon the many benefits all Agile-based delivery frameworks promise, but few actually provide. Walter will enable your organization to succeed by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our patent-pending Waste, Opportunity, and Risk Engine (WORE).  This innovative technology allows you quickly and easily build a Lightweight Agile Governance Framework (LAGF)—a customizable framework that provides real-time data analytics to enable your team to create basic rules, so everyone is working on the right-thing, the right-way, at the right-time.

What Does it Mean to be Agile?

Agile is a set of twelve principles, four values and hundreds of .  Put simply, it is a mindset, a collection of beliefs that your team can use to make decisions.  Agile solutions are about self-discovery within your team in order to recognize your current behaviors, what you are doing well and areas for improvement, to enable optimal team functioning.

A Result of Not Being Agile

While Agile is supposed to be a mindset, supported by principles and values, it was quickly commoditized with frameworks and certifications which focused on prescription and opinions describing how your team will best function.  However, this is not Agile and goes against what Agile solutions were designed to provide.  Agile frameworks are meant to be intentionally vague to allow for teams and organizations to continuously adapt, leverage what they have learned, and change their ways to improve the way they work.

Walter encompasses the intent behind Agile solutions, while acknowledging that there must be rules of engagement across team members and teams to allow for optimal workflow.  They should be minimal, provide value with product delivery, and easily describe intent and expectations to everyone.  These rules will be developed by your team and organization, not prescribed by us to dictate what we think works best for your organization.  We know that you know what is best for your team to succeed.  Walter will allow you to create the rules and organizational alignment required for you to succeed in an Agile framework.

In short, it’s all about the rules!

A Need for Clarity

Walter is designed to bring clarity to all aspects required to take an idea from start to finish. If you need to provide support / maintenance, Walter has options to optimize that too.  Clearly Agile provides consulting services to support your organization with all your needs.  Contact us today.

TeamsDescribe team-specific responsibilitiesProvides intent and responsibilities so others know why and when they would need to interact with them.
RolesDescribe role-specific activities and/or outcomesProvides the intent of each role with an aim to provide clarity on which roles are accountable for distinct activities / outcomes and to a lesser extent those that have some level of responsibility or must be informed or consulted.
EventsDescribe the events/ceremonies/meetings/etc. being conducted by anyone involved in the delivery of value.Provides the intent and details with the aim to ensure it is outcome-based and meets at the minimal frequency with the right mix of participants to provide value.
Measures & MetricsDescribe the measures & metrics being used across the enterprise.
Details the intent and details necessary to provide insights for improvement and trends.
ArtifactsDescribe the artifacts being used across the enterprise.
Details the intent and details of artifacts with the aim to provide clarity of value, ownership, as well as when and how they are to be used.
Governing PointsDescribe cross-functional/cross-team activities and outcomes.Provides intent and clarity of activities / outcomes used for synchronization and coordination.

Create a Governance Framework

Walter is here to help you create an easy to use governance framework to enable your organization to establish policies and continuously monitor their proper implementation by working within a of your choice.  We know that you know what is best for your team. Our revolutionary use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides instant feedback on how your framework is structured, pointing out potential areas to increase organizational functioning and collaboration between team members.

We can help you create a customized governance framework to optimize your workload and workflow. Contact us today to find out how.

Clarify Team Expectations

Walter allows you to clarify expectations within your team.  As you develop your custom governance framework, you will be able to define the roles of teams and team members.  This will enable everyone to clearly understand which individuals are accountable and responsible for what activities and outcomes, streamlining the way you work.

Streamline Roles Expectations

By using Walter to create your organization’s governance framework, you will be able to streamline the expectations within each role.  Employees will be able to clearly read and understand what they are expected to do in their position, what their responsibilities are, and to whom they are accountable.  In other words, Walter makes it possible to onboard new team members seamlessly, optimizing workload and workflow for all roles.

Depending upon which delivery framework you choose, such as Scrum, XP, Kanban, a combination, or your own unique framework, there is the opportunity for you to choose from a variety of roles that describe the responsibilities of various positions in your organization.  You can then customize the role descriptions to fit the exact needs of your organization.

Alternatively, you have the ability to create your own roles without any preset information.  This is a great option if your organization has already spent the time creating your own delivery framework.  Regardless of how you go about creating the roles, Walter will enable you to streamline role expectations.

Increase Event Effectiveness

Using Walter, you can create recurring meetings, specific events, and daily standups, to name just a few.  The great part about Walter is that whatever the type of event, you can describe the reasons it is important to workflow, its goals, and assign team members to be responsible for and accountable to the event occurrences and outcomes. This allows for minimum expectations to be clearly available to all, increasing organizational effectiveness.

Increase Measure & Metric Effectiveness

Use Walter to better understand how programs are doing.  By using Walter, you can establish common definitions of measures and metrics across the program to clearly describe the intent, value, and interpretation of program outcomes.

Increase Artifact Effectiveness

Walter helps you document artifacts, or outputs, to improve team communications and impact.  With Walter, each artifact will have clear ownership, describing intent, who is accountable, how often it is updated, and where it is located to increase effectiveness.

Increase Governing Point Effectiveness

Governing points encompass all the activities you have that haven’t fit into the above aspects.  Walter understands that to embrace an Agile-mindset, you need flexibility to govern across teams and roles, and to establish a set of rules for how to effectively complete these activities.  Create governing points to define common language and approaches across teams to increase overall effectiveness and communication.


  • Teams estimate their work using the Fibonacci technique

Get Insights

This is really cool!  Walter uses to analyze the text within your governance frameworks, whether it be a role, an event, an artifact, measure or metric, or governing point.  The AI Microsoft Cognitive text analytics provide insight on the sentiment each block of text has and provides feedback on how positive the role or definition has been framed.  This allows you to ensure your governance is using positive messaging.

Walter also analyzes your governance to determine if Personally Identifiable Information (PII) exists so that we can help maintain privacy.  Below lists the type of PII we auto-magically search for after every change to your governance.

  • Email Addresses
  • Names of Your Teammates
  • Passport Numbers
  • Phone Numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) i.e. web links

To better ensure professionalism we also dynamically review text for profanity so you can easily remove it and know who entered it.

Best Glossary Ever!

In addition to all the benefits listed above that Walter provides, you will also have access to our glossary.  This glossary gives you access to Clearly Agile’s acclaimed terms to help clarify Agile solutions and governance frameworks.  You are even able to create your own .

It allows for easy searching and filters based on what you are looking for.  When searching, you can filter by topic, such as artifact, events, governing points, measures and metrics, roles, and teams.  You are also able to filter by source, including Clearly Agile, Lean Production, SAFe,, Scrum Alliance, and Scrum Study.  Lastly, you can further define your search by filtering by expected usage, such as enterprise, portfolio, product, program, project, and team.

Other Awesome Stuff

Don’t forget that Clearly Agile provides services to help you through this process! We can work with your organization remotely or onsite to assist you in creating your online governance framework.  Contact us to set up a complimentary consult to discuss how we can work with you to help your business succeed!

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